Photography and Digital Painting

aGeekonaBike Photography™
aGeekonaBike Photography™ is the brain child of Dale Mitchell.

Dale is an avid bike rider \ professionally trained photographer \ artist, who wanders around the world on a decade+ old Trek 540.

Always carrying a camera on his bike, Dale is never afraid to ride off the beaten path or become temporarily lost to get that once in a life time photo.

Dale has received both formal and informal training in urban photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, glass blowing and technical illustrations from such artists as Dave Davis, Paul Pletka, Michael Atkinson and Burgess Roye.

The pieces on display on this website are a small sample of his ability to reimagine his photography skills into beautiful works of digital art.

Other than the purely digital fractal artworks, each piece originated as a photograph. Dale then uses his traditional painting training to digitally “repaint” the photos.