Watercolors, Pastels and Silks

As long as I can remember I have been fascinated with art. My Mother was a talented oil painter and I grew up with beautiful art in my home. Every chance I received in school I will be drawing or painting. I took art classes in high school and then later graduated from Art Instructions Schools. Raising a family and then a career in computer publications detained me from art for a number of years until 1989 when a friend commissioned me to paint them a painting after seeing a framed painting I had created years earlier. This led immediately to more commissioned paintings and soon I found myself painting regularly in my spare time. Now I am retired and have a full time art career.

I began painting in watercolors professionally in 1989. Since I loved flowers so much I wanted to capture their delicate colorful pedals, interesting centers and adorning foliage.

The beautiful transparent hues found in watercolors creates dynamic florals like no other medium. I fell in love with watercolor painting. Since then I have expanded to other subjects, mostly landscapes which depict my love of nature.

I have completed workshops with nationally known and local established artists, Terry Madden and Tom Lynch

I have had art shows at the Lafayette library, YMCA in Boulder, and the University of Colorado, Boulder. I have had pieces shown at the 3rd Avenue Gallery in Cherry Creek, Denver and participated in numerous art shows with the Louisville Art Association.

I won an award at the Tri- City Show (Louisville, Lafayette and Broomfield) have received many commissions both locally and nationally.

I would describe my work as colorful and often cheerful. I try to create something that interests me and is aesthetically beautiful.