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Below are mini galleries of The Walnut Gallery’s resident artists.
The mini galleries represent a small taste of each artists body of work and are designed to assist you in locating that special piece of art for yourself or a loved one.

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Glass Art
Freddy Faerron

Fred Faerron has been a professional craft artist for over twenty years. His career has encompassed various media including leather, metal, plate glass and lampworked glass.

He has published varies articles and instructional demonstrations and was recently exhibited at the Kobe lampwork glass museum.
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Jacqueline McKinny

Glassblower Jacqueline McKinny makes everything from wine bottle stoppers and goblets to chandeliers

McKinny's own line of glass products includes beautiful goblets, some with a feathery web encircling the glass, and others with delicate leaves around the stem. McKinny's glass wine bottle stoppers are high volume items, each unique and hand crafted.

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George O'Grady

George's hot glass style is strongly influenced byby Art Nouveau artist Louis Comfort Tiffany, and the early 20th century art movement that grew from impressionism to modern abstract. The then artist’s use of color inspires

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Kevin O'Grady

Glass art

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James Yaun

Glass Art
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Fine Art
Dave Davidson
Glass, Wood, Photography, Graphics and Lettering, Digital Illustration, Merchandise Design

David's goal is to create evocative images and objects reminiscent of those found in the parlors of Shangri-La; provoking a comfortable sense of familiarity coupled with a profound sense of the unexpected. David's pieces are meant to be emotive, containing tiny landscapes or energy fields for you to discover and contemplate. David believes fine art can flawlessly convey our greatest joys and most overwhelming tragedies, as well as the subtle grace that resides effortlessly between the two.

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Richard Green

Richard is a native of Georgia and began drawing at an early age. A high school art class introduced him to pen and ink which has been his staple ever since.

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Nicolas Heilig

All of Nicolas' work is made live to music, most paintings are done on stage. In order to complete an image quickly, Nicolas uses calligraphy ink and brush, then finish details with a Micron Pen.
Nicolas video tapes the process and create a time lapsed video unique to each performance.
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Anita Jantz
Watercolors, Pastels and Silks

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Ivan Kende

Photos of ancient cave paintings convinced Ivan that Neolithic people

Embracing deliberately archetypal, naive, primitive aesthetics is now a means to narrate Ivan's visions of this marvelous, beautiful, but often menacing Universe we all are part of.
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Jeff Lapin

Each of Jeff's paintings holds personal meaning--from his own experiences or from those who commission Jeff to create an image that's important to them. Jeff strives to paint not only in a representational fashion, but to capture the emotion or character of a person or a scene.

Jean Riordan
Oils, and acrylics

Always central to Jean's work is a love of and a desire to show beauty—the beauty of the natural world, of pattern, of texture, and of movement. For example, Jean endeavors to capture change through reflections that shimmer in a pond. Her love is not the grand vista. Most often Jean's work showcases a detail or a small part of a larger context.

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Francie Thomas
Acrylics and Watercolors

 Francie Thomas enjoys the process of creating a piece of art, deciding which colors to use, what to material to include, and the composition. Francie uses a variety of materials; rice paper, plaster, glass bead and sometimes leaves, bark or even evergreen giving them the 3-D effect. They vary from flowers to pure abstract… sometimes the ending art piece is nothing what she imagined it would be in the beginning. 

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aGeekonaBike Photography™

aGeekonaBike Photography™ is the brain child of Dale Mitchell.
Other than his purely digital fractal artworks and photographs, each artwork originated as a photograph.
Dale loves to create fine art using a variety of photo manipulation and digital "painting" techniques.
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Aspen Grove Photography

Aspen Grove Photography was born in the mountains of Colorado. The natural beauty of the landscape and the quality of people have been the root and inspiration of our photography services. Aspen Grove Photography is led by Wendy, a woman who has a love of and passion for the outdoors and all it has to offer. Wendy's photography focuses on the use of natural lighting and natural settings whenever possible.
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Jon S. Berndt

Jon Berndt has captured stunning landscape images in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and national parks such as Yellowstone, among the wide variety of other subjects he has photographed. It is Jon’s hope to make captivating photographs that draw the viewer in, and convey to others not just the way a scene looked, but the way it felt to be there.
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Ian Lipton

Ian Lipton had been practicing photography since he was 15 years old. Since moving to Colorado in 2010 he has focused primarily on landscape and nature photography of the U.S. Southwest.

He also spent a year living in and traveling around China trying his hand at travel and street photography. His  background as a biologist gives him insight into the natural world and he attempts to communicate his view of the natural world through his photography.
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Tom Cannon

Tom Cannon's bronze vessels flow from having worked as a ceramic artist, influenced by the Orient and its aesthetics for over thirty years.
Thirteen of those years tom spent in Japan training in the discipline of traditional pottery making. His vessels are a reflection of years living in Japan.
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Laurel Peterson Gregory

Laurel's bronze animal sculptures have received multiple awards and are represented by galleries across the United States. She has fulfilled numerous private, corporate, and public commissions.
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Chapin Dimond

Earth materials as inspiration for art began in early childhood for Chapin Dimond.
As long as he can remember he has collected rocks and created displays and jewelry.
​Chapin was born in and still resides in Colorado, a beautiful place full of nature for inspiration.

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Bonnie Hanna
Mica Clay, Earthenware Terracotta and Raku

Bonnie has been developing her own techniques for some time while also employing age old methods to achieve her personal style. She loves to throw and trim her pots on a potter's wheel which differs from the traditional hand building of the pueblos.

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Melony Sawyer

Melony started working with clay off and on for past 20 plus years. Her functional and sculptural work are either thrown, thrown and altered, slab-built, slump-molded, or pieced together using several components – whatever it takes to achieve the conceived form. Each piece is one-of-a-kind even if it is apart of a set.

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