Clay, Stoneware

Bonnie_Hanna_BioI cannot remember when I didn’t love clay. I also cannot remember when I didn’t love line and atmospheric color. It has been with me always- even in my earliest days as an art student in the 60’s. I have lived, studied, and taught ceramics in New York, London, and the North of Ireland- places that are deeply a part of me. Clay and painting have been the constant driving force in my life wherever I went. But then I came to the Southwest….and it changed me as an artist forever. I have always loved elemental design, shape, pattern, process and light so I started painting on clay. My vision seemed to find a home.

Recalling my first trip to Indian Market and afternoons spent with the native American potters I am reminded how easily I fell into the rhythms of the Southwest: my first drive into Taos with my daughter, Amy. Days spent at the pueblos talking with the artists about their work and their generous sharing of ideas and methods. My many desert and mountain walks. Chaco Canyon…I can go on and on but at the end of the day it is all about the work and the process of creating something beautiful from the earth with my two hands.