Brandon Rollin
My name is Brandon Rollin and my passion in life is to create visual art that is unique to the world. A great friend of mine once said “Brandon’s paintings are Aboriginal art meets American free love.” I could not have said it any better. The didjeridu is the instrument that captured my spirit and began my journey as an artist. A combination of sound and visual art is what I find so compelling as a human being. The intricate dot patterns the aborigines paint on their didjeridus are very pleasing to the eye. My theory on deciding what to paint is simple. I paint what I want to see, which consists of images that have never been seen before. Therefore I paint in an abstract style that is heavily inspired by aboriginal art. A dot is an amazing mark you can make because it is so simple by nature yet it can create extremely complex patterns. If you think about it, ourselves and everything in the universe are essentially made out of tiny dots. Painting dots has become a meditation for me and I will continue to create art with them for many years to come!