Acrylics and Watercolor

Before moving to Colorado, Francie grew up in a large family long the shores of Lake Michigan. Although not by trade, her father was an educated and very talented artist. She can still recall some of their conversations where he instilled in her an appreciation of all types of art; whether it is in the form of abstract or realism, all art has beauty.

It wasn’t until Francie used art as a way to cope during a transitional time in her life where she realized her passion to paint. She enjoys the process of creating a piece of art; deciding which colors to use, what to material to include, and the composition. She uses a variety of materials; rice paper, plaster, glass bead and sometimes leaves, bark or even evergreen giving them the 3-D effect. They vary from flowers to pure abstract… sometimes the ending art piece is nothing what she imagined it would be in the beginning.

Her work can be found at The Walnut Gallery in Louisville, CO. and on Fine Art America, along with her work commissioned by several private owners.  She is a member of the Arts Longmont Art Association and the (BAA) Boulder Art Association.