Soft Glass

George O'grady

Artisan George O’Grady began working with hot glass in 1993. He is predominantly self taught as a lampworker, with a great nod of respect to his brother Kevin O’Grady and also to Lewis C. Wilson.  George now create such things as marbles, beads, spinning tops, bottle stoppers, blown chili peppers and other delightful items.
In 1994 he met Charles V. Miner, founder of Tesuque Glassworks. This changed his world as George began exploring the wonders of “off hand glass blowing”. While Charlie taught him most of what George knows in this unique art form Mr. O’Grady also gained a lot of knowledge from such fine artisans as Peet Robison and Marc Boute.
George states that he strongly influenced in his art by Art Nouveau artist Louis Comfort Tiffany, and the early 20th century art movement that grew from impressionism to modern abstract. The then artist’s use of color inspires George in his use of color while working hot glass.
It is this artisans fervent desire that you enjoy owning his glass as much as he enjoyed creating it.