Ian is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. Throughout the years he’s spent time moving around from North Carolina, to Boulder and Denver, spent the year of 2014 in Shanghai, China and is now happy to call Louisville home.

Ian is trained as a marine biologist and has been pursuing photography since the age of 15. His passion for nature and the outdoors is represented in his photography. As a biologist and an explorer, he has a distinct lens through which he perceives the natural world and attempts to represent that in his work.

His passion for photography truly took off after moving to Colorado in 2010. The beauty of the mountains is an inspiration every day. He never goes on a hike without his camera and the proximity to such an abundance of natural beauty here in the U.S. southwest is impossible to beat.

Living in China gave Ian the unique opportunity to travel through Asia where he first got a chance to dip his toes into both street and travel photography. During 2014 he visited Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong as well as several different parts of China. Ian intends to continue taking his photography across the globe, always planning his next adventure.