Clay and Stoneware

Big Blue Cat - Melony SayerI started working with clay off and on for past 20 plus years. My functional and Sculptural work are either thrown, thrown and altered, slab-built, slump-molded, or pieced together using several components – whatever it takes to achieve the conceived form. Each piece is one-of-a-kind even if it is apart of a set.

As a former classically trained Chef my functional work reflects my culinary training bring a touch of artistry to the dinner table with the understanding of how important the plate is as it relates with the food that its sit on.

My sculptural pieces all have a hit of whimsy as I tend to live life on the lighter side.

Surface decoration occupies the largest portion of my creative time. From using slips, carving, under glazes before and after the first ‘bisque fire’ is at 1900 degrees F, and fired again using food safe glazes at 2200 degrees F to cone 6, making the art suitable for use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher.

Sharing art,  as well as the interaction between my art and my clients is what drives me. For-example when I hear a client say, “I have coffee every morning with you, using your mug,” or a gallery owner tells me ‘costumers’ impulsive pet my sculptures as if they are drawn to them. This is all gold to me.